Our Body is Our Instrument

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Our body is our instrument… this is a wonderful saying but what does it actually mean?

Well for starters have you ever felt that you haven’t been heard, that people ignore you, that when you stand in front of the group your voice disappears? Have you also felt that when you  listen to a person with a loud booming voice it has felt dominating, overbearing, and you wish that they would just simply shut up?

Would you like to have a voice that could always be heard?

This all comes back to our body and what we do with our voice. You see most people are not really tuned into, or aware of their voice, it just comes out of your mouth and it is just the way it is and when they hear it for the first time on an answer phone they hate it. Most people don’t like the sound of their own voice and this is a fundamental erosion of our self worth.

Your body is the instrument that your voice resonates in.

The thing is, what is possible, is to literally feel your voice vibrating in your body so that your body really does feel like an instrument, and when you voice is resonant and clear It can be a tuning fork for your body.

And this is not just a lovely metaphorical image for us to have, but it is an actual experience – we really can feel our voice in our body, and when we do, everything changes. You see what is possible is, that when you tune in to this natural resonance, your body is able to take the lead. . .  your body knows exactly how to speak in a way that is resonant, and that fills the room that you are in without any force or projection. Now if you have learnt traditionally how to sing or speak in public, how to speak as an actor, with a ‘TV voice’, you are taught all sorts of techniques.  But can these techniques override the power of what is naturally there in your voice. And when you override this innate connection, it is like putting a cloak or veil over your voice. It may be a very ornate veil, or fancy cloak, but nevertheless your voice is then not truly you.

We can become aware of our body and the amazing quality of our own voice and let this open the doorway to our own wonderful instrument  – our voice and our body.



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  1. Thank You Chris, this is a lovely piece of writing which assists me to understand further the power and harmony that can be connected to when we use our true voice, I really love how you describe our bodies as the instrument through which our voice resonates. It makes so much sense and will definitely change the way I think and feel about my voice from this moment on.
    I also love the analogy of using different (fancy or not) cloaks or veils over our voices, this is so so true and worth tuning into every day.

    With Love,

    1. Post

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, and once we do start to tune into our voice every day, its like doorway after doorway opens into a deeper connection with our amazing instrument of expression – our body.

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