A celebration of connection,
love, community, and family.

Soul-Full Weddings

Weddings – a celebration of connection, love, community, and family.

Soul-Full Weddings with Chris James offers a total package of music, with your own personal wedding song celebrating your love together, audience participation where, with Chris’ amazing ability to unite and harmonise the magic of true community and connection is felt by everyone… and then rocking on with dance songs to sing and move with celebration and love to complete the event.

“Chris James and his band were superb and an absolute joy to have at our wedding and provide the live music for our celebration”

“From the moment we decided to work with Chris it just flowed from the start with the writing of ‘our’ song which really captured our love for one another”

Chris, my partner Michael, and I developed a relationship as to how we wanted the wedding to be and what I really loved is how Chris spent the time to really get to know us as a couple. It felt like there was an equal partnership between the 3 of us so when it got to the time of the wedding Chris was very much a friend and part of our celebration as any guest.

The day itself was fun and Chris’s attention to detail meant we felt really taken care of in every way. Chris brought the crowd together with a perfect selection of songs which we all sang as a community. Chris played on through lunchtime and then into a dance where again his selection of songs was spot on and his ability to read the crowd throughout the day really supported everyone to come together in a celebration of love. It was a beautiful day and all our friends loved the service as much as we did and a large part of that was due to how Chris was from the beginning of the planning to the very end when he was helping me up some stairs with my wedding dress! Thank you Chris and Jenny and the band.”

To Be With You


Soul-Full Weddings – the Complete Package

Sounds wonderful is delighted to be able to offer a complete package for your wedding, working together with Anita Stanfield, authorised celebrant to make your day a beautiful celebration of your love and union.

Elegant, Loving, Gentle, Sophisticated & Caring are the words that best describe

Anita Stanfield and what she brings to every ceremony she performs.

Anita meets each couple with a respect, honesty and equality that lays a beautiful foundation for their wedding day and their life ahead.

Anita has the ability to encourage her couples to sprinkle their unique style of love through their vows making their union unforgettably their own and she also has an eye for detail that ensures each ceremony flows calmly and with style from beginning to end.

Anita loves people and this is evident in how she relates before, during and after each ceremony.

For more about Anita visit her website at

Chris James Wedding Celebration Testimonials
Heather Di Marino (2017) – 

One of the best choices I made for my wedding day was to book Chris James and his band Platform 1 to perform at our celebration. Chris has the most wonderful way of putting people at ease, and everything flowed beautifully.

“With his wealth of experience he guided us through the day with the most perfect choices of songs and music. With total professionalism, he brought what was needed in each moment to the occasion, and in his usual discerning and delicate way he brought great humour, playfulness and a huge amount of joy to the occasion, not to mention the most wonderful music ever!

An added bonus to the celebration was when Chris performed a song that he had written especially for my husband and I J in celebration of our union together. This was a beautiful moment with a very personal and unique touch, and was enjoyed by everyone present as it felt so inclusive.

The whole day we both felt so supported and held in a way that allowed us simply to relax and enjoy our day. Our guests loved every moment – I feel sure that the whole town was rocking to their joyous sounds!

I would totally recommend booking them for any occasion to add a very special and magical dimension. Thank you Chris, and Platform 1 for supporting us on what was one of the best days ever for us.

With Love and great appreciation”

Heather Di Marino