Workshops & Retreats

Discover Your True Voice

The Big Sing

An unique interactive evening of song  – discover your natural voice. For everyone – singers, and also those who think they can’t! Be prepared to be amazed . . .
known for his incredible natural ability to create instant mass choirs Chris makes this evening fun and easy to explore your voice. A great event to bring friends and family.

“An great event, leaves you feeling connected, energised & inspired” 

How to Express Yourself (1/2 or 1 day workshop)

Do you find it hard to express yourself at work, or with friends or family? . . this is the workshop for you!
Explore the power of your voice – its depth & resonance in professional and personal expression. Our voice needs to be a versatile, strong and reliable instrument, a vehicle capable of underpinning us in whatever we do – speech, presentation or song and
a vital tool to communicate with an audience, colleagues, friends or family. Release vocal stress and strain with new speaking or singing skills. Express with ease in your life, all your
performances and public speaking.

A unique event self-empowering voice and self-expression for everyone, from the novice to experts, teachers, performers, public speakers, corporations, choirs. An accredited PD provider for the Royal Aust. College of General Practitioners, Chris is world renowned for his vocal expertise and fun and easy style.

Your True Voice: 1 or 2 day workshop
Discover Your Natural Voice

Re-discover the power of your natural voice through self-empowering and healing life skills and practical techniques in singing, speaking, listening and expression. Develop and deepen your connection to your own natural resonance, presence and authority as you have fun with your voice and expression – singing and speaking.

Discover that everyone can naturally express with a voice that is beautiful, unique and a true expression of themselves. The gentle inner resonance and strength that you develop will revolutionise your approach to singing and speaking. Everyone is welcome. No experience of singing or music required.

“Profound & healing, I found my voice”

Healing Power of Sound Retreat:  3/4 days

Open to everyone with no experience required. Enjoy 3/4 days of exploring the amazingness of your Voice and Expression.  A great opportunity to revitalise yourself and your expression, release vocal stress and strain and express with ease in your life.

Our voice reflects everything about us. Our natural voice, the voice that we are born with is free owing, in tune and clear of anxiety and stress. Experience the potential of your speaking and singing voice – re-fresh and develop self-empowering communication skills, active listening, self-expression and self-care.

We explore:
Body awareness and vocal tone – singing and speaking
Communication and clarity in personal and professional relationships
How to deal with and release accumulated tension, stress and anxiety
Active listening awareness
Practices of self care that develop wellbeing, vitality, presence and self confidence

These are all available online.
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