Private Voice & Expression Coaching

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Free Your True Voice
‘It’s easy when you re-connect to your natural voice and authority’
Singing – Speaking –Expression – Private sessions are available online or in person.

Feel nervous speaking in public?
Want to sing, but only the bathroom gets to hear it?
Want to improve your communication skills?
Want to play that musical instrument?

Reclaim the natural authority of your voice and expression.
• Let go of self-judgement and the internal critic
• Develop the natural presence in your voice and body
• Discover your naturally resonant body – make expression effortless
• Reduce stress and anxiousness and increase general well-being
• Experience the health benefits of singing, speaking, expressing with confidence.

‘Everyone is born with a clear, powerful and naturally expressive voice but for many of us this ‘shuts down’ early in life.’ Chris’ approach is renowned, and inspires and supports a lifetime of stress free, empowering self-expression. Experience the joy of singing and speaking in safe and practical sessions.

With over 30 years of experience across the globe, from schools, teachers, to corporate and health professionals, singers to ‘non singers’, internationally acclaimed teacher Chris James supports you to release the power of your voice and expression and the potential of you.

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'Today was an eye-opener - more like a body opener for me! Never have I had so much awareness of how critical of myself I am and how many times I hold back from myself, and others, and most importantly how this comes across in my speech and statements I make. I'm incredibly grateful and inspired by what you have given us today.'
~ Briana, Australia

'It is magic how much you can change in such a short time. All my little aches and hurts were gone at the end of the workshop. Chris managed to cover almost every aspect where I still was stuck by the exercises and in the also group work. The way he inspires us to sing and express with our voice, it is amazing to see how much potential is in each person and what comes out of us. Everybody should experience it.'
~ Elkan, Germany

'Wonderful to take the time out and reconnect, to open up and let myself breathe. I found this a rather calming and cleansing experience, it enabled me to let go of the things I felt holding me back. The singing was joyful, healing and a wonderful resource for my own personal life, and for an educational experience with the children I encounter! Would love you to work with my school staff in the future.'
~ Cathy, School teacher, Australia