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A Vocal Adventure for Schools

Confidence building
Self empowering

A Vocal Adventure For Schools Programme

Sounds Wonderful presents a fun, interactive and innovative Vocal Adventure For Schools programme for students that is flexible and can be tailored for the individual needs of each school.

Uniting kids and schools, harmonising – internationally acclaimed voice teacher Chris James presents a fun, confidence building, interactive and innovative programme for students. Teachers, staff and parents are welcome.

A Course for Students

Connecting – Energising – Confidence Building – Self-empowering kids in self-expression

• Our whole body is our instrument – loosening up and letting go
• Empowering vocal expression – the natural joy of singing and speaking up
• How to focus, listen and unite as a group – working together
• Building self-confidence naturally as we free up our voice – we are amazing!
• Body awareness – movement and rhythm

And most of all . . . having fun and expressing with our voice!

Teachers Comments

‘Chris was fabulous! His energy and obvious love of music was evident as he led the children through a variety of activities. It was great to hear the different sounds coming from the children’s mouths! The children realised they could make many sounds once they were showed how. They were totally engaged – 84 students all at once! – sounds, movement and songs! Confidence and participation increased as the session continued.’

Kids Comments

‘This morning made me feel as though I could sing without being laughed at or teased about how I sound. When I sang it made me feel as though I could express myself without being judged. It made me relaxed and happy.’

To invite Chris to your school, A Vocal Adventure for Schools for Schools Information Pack PDF.

Discover Your Natural Voice teacher and staff workshops are also available. As a professional development activity, Chris James voice work meets the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development Framework for teaching accreditation in QLD.