Your True Voice Retreat – Phillip Island, VIC. – an extraordinary vocal adventure with Chris James

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Express yourself naturally!

Sounds Wonderful retreats are a unique opportunity to celebrate our love of life and expression, to heal old patterns and beliefs about our voice, to feel amazingly safe and explore . . .  We hold these retreats in Germany, The UK and Australia, and occasionally in Finland . . . 🙂

“I love the opportunity to not just meet in the seminar room, but over the dinner table, on our walks, with evenings of fun, sharing and music.”   Chris James

“Powerful! Combination of music, movement, support, opening up, connecting with self and others, fun and expression. As a music teacher it has opened up new possibilities for exploring music and ways of being with students. As a person exploring connection to my body it was a very safe, beautiful place to sing, move and go deeper in so many ways. Look forward to exploring more in the future for myself and my school.”   Katherine

“Chris James workshops provide a wonderful, supportive and safe environment to express your true voice. But its so much more than voice, in the end its about feeling totally present, connected and confident within yourself. Music and your voice provides a beautifully fun tool to become more present  and powerful within yourself.”

“What a wonderful, empowering, weekend of finding my voice! This has come at a time when I was feeling shut off so the retreat has opened possibilities again for me. Thanks Chris!”   Denise

“I highly recommend this course. This has opened up my potential and given me a deep belief in myself.”  Steve

“Feeling the enormous love in my heart and yet not being able to express that has been a huge frustration to me for many years. This weekend with Chris has allowed me to embody and express that love. The experience has been so solid and surrounding, With simple ways to reconnect that I can feel I can go home now and live this way and share it with others.”   Tim

“Thank you Chris for being who you are, and reminding me of who I am”   James

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