When We See a Scorpion . . .

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When we see a scorpion on our arm we brush it off immediately.

We do not stroke its’ shiny shell!

Do the same with your errant thoughts, no matter how comfortable, familiar or shiny they are.

A vivid image is it not? And if you have ever had a scorpion drop onto you, or you discover a big one in your boot, you will understand how quickly the brush off happens!

One of the wonderful benefits of deepening your Vibrational Awareness is to start to claim your inner space as your own. We’re so used to ‘thinking’ and allowing our thoughts to literally run rampant within us, that we have become desensitised as to what effect this constant litany of mental processing takes.

Now to actually stop this ongoing mental tsunami may be a radical suggestion, however let’s pause and think about it 🙂 Underlying what is being suggested here is that there is an alternative… And that that alternative is simply a way of living that in fact is a doorway to multidimensional awareness.

A big statement? Of course it is! But just have a look throughout the ages, in fact into the realms of the Ancient Wisdom that has always been there for humanity to refer to and that has always been a reference point from Hermes to Buddha, to Pythagoras, to Yeshua and on. The Ageless Wisdom has always been there to return to when the obvious ongoing dissonance that has become our normal becomes so obviously an illusionary swamp and in this, the message is and has always been, look within, know yourself truly, and understand that this is the path of return.

So this is where we return to the aforementioned Vibrational Awareness as a way of liberating ourselves… or indeed brushing off the scorpion. Our voice has a vibration within us, a resonance that actually lets us know if what we are expressing is true or not. And if we become tuned into the vibration of our voice, it’s not such a big leap to feeling the vibration of our breath in our body. Once we have reached this point, we have entered the Cycle of Vibrational Awareness. In other words, we have started to connect and develop an alternative to the constant flow of errant thoughts.

Now as this alternative awareness becomes stronger within us, the destructive nature of what is going on mentally because of these thoughts becomes exposed. We can even feel the physiological effects of the cataclysmic thought processes that are bringing so much stress, so much tension and so much discord, and then we can to go to the heart of the matter.

And thence the seemingly peculiar metaphor of stroking the shell of the scorpion starts to make sense. We are so used to hanging onto grudges, criticism, resentment, anger, bitterness, oblivious to the havoc that these energies are causing our body. We even become used to and comfortable with subtle patterns of lack of self-worth, internal criticism, subtle self-putdowns… again having very little understanding of the ongoing destructive nature of these thoughts.So really… what we have to do is Just simply keep on the watch for scorpions 🙂  and understand that each and every one of us have within us natually the spark of truth and divinity just waiting to be fanned and fully ignited., and then   Living it to the full in your life.

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  1. It feels like the way forwards to get out of these patterns is to observe ourselves first, without the critical thoughts, because through observation we can see the games that we allow to play out. Then this brings the greater awareness of the sneaky subtle patterns that we’ve chosen but gives us the opportunity to choose another way. The thoughts are not us.

  2. Dear Chris, this post is I find so absolutely relevant for me as a student still unfolding. The scorpions have been a marauding force and at times challenging to repel. So thank you for the reminder to deepen our innate vibrational awareness.

  3. Chris I love this article – just this morning I realized that when I my airways seem to become stuffy and blocked it is often to do with me having gone into thought and it makes my body tense and this is what blocks my nose! Who would have thought! I experimented with it this morning and as I relaxed and brought full presence back to my body and my breath my airways cleared again. I had always put it down to dust and something I must have eaten – but its the “stinkin thinkin!!”

  4. What an amazing metaphor – it makes it so real – and applies to literally everything that we have been made to think is so precious to us that we must hug it all to our breast and let it feed us pure poison. To be free of this – wow xx

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