Just Go For It … (Everyone has their own unique expression, so no need to compare)

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Ever since I was a child at school, I had a fear of speaking up. I would always sit at the back of the classroom, & hardly ever put my hand up when the teacher asked a question. I was afraid of what people would think of me, that I wouldn’t find the words to say, or not be able to string a sentence together, and that they would laugh at me.

Growing up I still had self -worth issues, I lacked confidence in myself and often didn’t feel heard. I didn’t give myself permission to just be me.
It was only in my mid 50’s that I came across Chris James workshops which have been a total revelation! I’m a different person to that nervous wreck who attended her first workshop. I have much more confidence in myself and can express from the heart with ease. Its never too late to turn things around!

This past weekend I have attended another amazing expression workshop with Chris. The first day I participated and had a good time, but I felt a little flat, like something was missing. It was as if something was blocking me, and all the old constraints were felt. I felt frustrated with myself and slept badly that night.The next day I was determined to not let this stop me, and I resolved to just go for it. Chris holds such a safe space that when he asked the group “what’s cooking? “( as in what’s going on?)” I felt impulsed to speak and say how I felt. Chris then asked me to come up and speak in front of the group! ( my worst nightmare in the past). This time I felt completely held and safe, and although I can’t remember what I said, the important part was it felt completely natural in my body to be there & not as difficult to do as I had thought. No more hiding at the back!

I felt such a freedom in my body afterwards, to just surrender and go with the flow. My body gradually started to unravel its knots and kinks, as when I first arrived I was hobbling with a right knee that wouldn’t straighten. By going deeper with my expression and by not holding back there was a subtle shift in my body and it was very healing, my leg became straighter. Extraordinary!

The workshop has been super amazing with Chris’s innate sense of what is needed for the group, so everything just flows effortlessly with such fun and lightness. All that is needed is a willingness to have a go & a commitment to your expression. The door opens to untold riches, which are all inside you. Returning back to your own true expression and voice.
So much learnt from the body this weekend rather than the head, and deepening our connection especially with the following:-

• Beautiful music
• Joyful movement and singing from the heart and having so much fun
• Letting go of fear & anxiousness
• expressing from the heart not the head
• Surrendering to the body during the lying down thing
• Appreciating myself and others
• Moving with grace and authority
• Accepting where I am with my expression and who I truly am
• Deepening expression
• Brotherhood

I know now that everyone has their own unique expression, so no need to compare. Appreciating this ever deepening expression journey back to the true me, and it all starts with just going for it!
Deeply appreciating Chris for his wonderful work all over the world, helping so many with their expression.

By Sue Goodson

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