Deep within us all there is a well

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Deep within us all there is a well, from which, when we are still, we can drink. This brings awareness to a thirst that we never knew we had, one humanity is forever seeking to quench.

I had a session recently with an older woman over 80 who had never done any work with me before, never ever thought of contemplating an inner awareness, and had never tuned into her body. It was a profoundly beautiful session… made even more interesting by the fact that she was quite hard of hearing :-), So it behoved me to be extra clear and enunciating 🙂

So in we went… She closed her eyes, we put on the track Space from the album Ancient Sands, and she entered the doorway of her inner world. Understand that she had never ever closed her eyes to do something like this, never listened to music in this way before and certainly had never tuned into her body. Her main ongoing comment was… ‘this is different!’ and ‘I have never felt this before’. She was relaxing more and more, and it was very beautiful to feel and to see. As we spoke, she said she could feel my voice resonating in her body, and this was a real key to her tuning into her body and feeling her own voice in her body… she started to connect more and more deeply.

When we neared the end of the session, I asked her to keep her eyes closed.  When I asked her how she felt I could see that she was searching for words. So I just asked ‘if your body could speak now what would it say?’… And she said… ‘At last!’ And then we joked about ‘what took so long.’

And from this came the reflection as written above… that humanity, so many of us, are not even aware that the actions that we play out in this world are so often seeking to quench the thirst that can only be assuaged by connecting to the well of divine truth and love that is within us all.

The palette that we often draw on for this insatiable search is in the guise of the happiness, success, winning, bliss – facades that never satisfy and always leave us empty.  Unless we actually turn our awareness within, we will be on this unsustainable treadmill for all of our lives. But when we do turn within and meet the inner riches that we are born with, our body can finally say… At Last.

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful, you have a way to through your voice to support others to connect to depth within them. Amazing.

  2. Wow, you expressed with so much eloquence and a deep love and understanding for all of humanity, about what for many is, the no-man’s land during the horrendous Battle of the Somme, Chris.

    To be able to release your 80-odd year-old client from her life-long cage of external torment, is so joyful to behold. Thank you for sharing this magic.

  3. Beautiful Chris, such a great example of what is possible, that the coming home to our innermost connection is but a choice away in any moment for everyone, no matter how long it may have taken to recognise that the choice is there, seen through the reflection in another.

  4. We are thirsty because we refuse to drink from the abundant well that has always been within. This perfectly describes how I too felt when I turned within to quench my thirst. And I thought I had just signed up for a singing weekend! ☺

  5. The Grand plan. ” At Last” is the vibration echoed through the universe. As this elderly lady had no plan yet knew The what she is, through your reflection. We all bring this to each other. What a joyous feeling still resonating from the session you share. It continues in through my body.
    Thanks, Chris.

  6. So simple and so powerful and the beauty and love in helping another CONNECT is tangible .. Thank you for sharing Chris and reminding us all That not everybody in fact maybe most people in the world is not awAre of their inner sanctuary 💚

  7. I loved how when you asked her ‘how she felt’ she was searching for words but when you brought it back to ‘what would your body say, she replied ‘at last’. There was so much settlement in those two simple words. A reminder to all that the body never complicates but brings simplicity to all. Deep appreciation for you Chris and everything you bring to everyone.

  8. At Last,
    I love it.
    Its like our bodies have been patiently waiting for aeons for us to connect to the wisdom that was there all along.

  9. Taking the first steps to truly go within is something so precious and tender and as we age a space can open us up to be willing to surrender as we prepare for that final surrender in this lifetime – in preparation for future lives that will enrich beyond our human capacity to imagine. Thank you Chris so much for sharing this exquisite moment – an inspiration for us all.

  10. This is such a beautiful reminder of my first encounter with you Chris… back in 2002 (gosh, time flies) in Oslo on a Big Sing event – it was exactly like that and it was such a profoundly life changing experience in so many ways. I look back on the following years of going to your workshops and events with great joy and deep gratitude – I was so closed off, haunted by so many issues, and meeting you was the beginning of a continuous journey of opening, releasing, integrating and allowing – indeed realizing the divine freedom, truth and love that I Am! ♡

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  11. I booked my first workshop with you a year ago this month, not knowing what to expect but knowing that I was being called to something magnificent. And magnificent it was. Just like the 80+ year old woman you were working with, I could feel myself connecting more and more deeply, supported by the vibration of your voice. Once I began feeling the vibration of my own voice, inner doors started opening that had been shut for a very long time, and the feeling of magnificence began to welcome me home. At last 🧡✨🌈

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