Anything Feels Possible.( after 3 Day Retreat Your True Voice with Chris James – Somerset September, 2018.)

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3 Day Retreat with Chris James – Somerset September, 2018.

Sitting here at the Retreat in Somerset asking myself How does my body feel what is it I truly sense of this lightness and expansiveness I feel right now? Sitting with my eyes closed appreciating how simple it is to just ‘be’, sensing the spaciousness, stillness, depth and a known quality in my body. When expressing with my true voice that connection is still there holding me until the next moment comes naturally to express again with the resonance and the clarity of this voice. This quality of that sound vibrates to a level that now seems to initiate such pure joy and love and, with that the inspiration to express even more knowing that the possibilities of where this could lead to in life is unmeasurable. Anything feels possible. The beauty of this is that I just can’t wait to share all of me with all of you.

Question: Have you Marion always felt this way in your life of 60 years?

Answer: NO I have not!

Question: What’s changed then?

I met this inspirational man called Chris James nearly 20 years ago now and although I’ve attended many workshops and presentations with Chris each and everyone has offered and brought through so many golden opportunities to explore hidden qualities within this body of mine that, were lost in the miasma of ‘just existing’ in life. Through music, sound and song, re-learning to express and be playful again. Allowing that mistakes do get made but hey! they are just learning curves and to move on from them, having fun and not taking life too seriously. Did I say FUN – yes by the bucket load and not holding back when I sense to express in life. That’s the difference today. Embracing life and appreciating I hold the key to the many opportunities and doors that are there to be opened and explored.

Question: what took you to that point of knowing something was missing in your life?

Understanding how those layers (barriers) I’d put up in life to ‘protect’, hide and even disguise old ways of behaving which lead to such inner pain and was so constricting and dulling of my natural way to be in life. Taking no time out of my hectic schedules to allow for any stillness in my life always ‘doing’ life and numbing out that I needed to STOP be very honest to how I was pushing and constantly trying to please others. It was exhausting. I felt sucked dry and empty of wanting to participate in life at all. You read that correctly – I’d given up on ever having such joy, laughter and fun in life again and, integrating with others, expressing and appreciating that life is for living not existing.

Question: what’s it like to experience feeling stillness in your body?

We are all offered a ‘space’ to get to know ourselves again from the inside out and to observe what comes up from our bodies to heal and let go of. The blend of Chris’s voice, tones and music offer a clear pathway to return to what is true for us. In my experience stillness comes when we allow ourselves to soften the tension held in the body and stop the constant chatter of mental gymnastics (thoughts) that so easily distracts and pulls us in so many different directions – yes our busy minds can exhaust us. Those moments of stillness are forever expanding and growing and teaching me much of the gentle yet, powerful reflections of what stillness within brings with it, I sense this is a wonderful opportunity to heal from the inside out.

Question: where do you go from here out into the world?

We have been given so many ‘tools’ by Chris (techniques to bring us back to our natural stillness, music/instrumental/voice sounds etc…) ways in which to brings ourselves back to living in the moment, a point of feeling our bodies from that point of stillness. To daily tune in and tune ourselves up and prepare ourselves to be open to what opportunities present themselves. To observe life and not to absorb it. Choosing to make different choices in life and start with being honest and no harsh self-critique when I do have those ‘Oooops’ moments, learn by them and move on. Expressing all of me in my fullness, sensing the release when I just ‘give it a go’ and feeling that profound sensation in this body of mine. Just so much is there for us all to tap in to. What I come away with from these Retreats and workshops is very profound. I’ve learnt that each little step we take in this life confirms us and in that we genuinely want to express more of who we truly are which is: WE ARE TRULY AMAZING. No more hiding, life is for living and sharing with our fellow human beings.

20 years ago, I’d put out the call for help and it came in the form of Chris James. Boy oh boy is it ‘time’ to now look back with appreciation of the journey thus far travelled.

With heartfelt appreciation to the dedication to the work that Chris brings through with such grace, dignity and unconditional love, a gift that he offers out to all of humanity.
We all need a Chris James experience no matter what age – the gift that came my way 20 years ago has changed my life around completely.
With Love always,

Attendee of the Chris James Retreat 2018 in Somerset, UK.


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  1. Beautifully expressed Marion, working with Chris James and Sounds Wonderful has change my life in many ways too like you. There is an amazing vitality in this article which illustrates perfectly the kind of changes that can be experienced when we work with our expression in this way. I love my life more than ever now and I love people, connecting and expressing with people and I have more fun than ever. I agree that anything feels possible and there is a deeply felt innate knowing of what is true the more I connect with and express from my true voice.

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