SunLight Songs for Children 0 to 100+

A world of joy in children’s music with songs that inspire kids (and adults alike) to be all they are – their true self. Light, engaging and easy to sing, these songs support children of all ages to express with ease, know how beautiful they are, and offer a foundation to experience that whoever and where ever they are – they shine!

From ‘How Precious I am‘ to ‘Whoops is one of my favourite words’ and ‘I am Beauty-full for Being Me’ – every song supports children in self-confidence and awareness.

Presented by Sounds Wonderful and Sunlight Ink Books
Based on the Sunlight Ink Books for children series by Tanya Curtis and Desiree Delaloye
© Sounds Wonderful Chris and Jenny James 2017

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1. I Shine
2. I am Beauty-full for Being Me
3. How Precious I am
4. Whoops
5. I Listen To My Body

6. Pictures
7. What is My Number 1 Job?
8. The Cycle of Life
9. Who I Am
10. The Universe of You and Me