Silk in the Clouds

From the full celebration of The Love We Share and power of the hauntingly beautiful vocals on Eyes of Love, to the catchy must-sing-with sounds of country music, As We Love We Live, Jenny James’ album Shining On does just that . . . shines on!

With the magnificent backing vocals and musical touch of Chris James on every instrument played, this album is a powerful tribute to the brilliant partnership of Chris and Jenny.

All songs written, music composed and vocals by Jenny JamesIt’s The Same Day, To Know Myself, and When You walk Beside Me co-written with Chris James. Little Feather co-written with Chris James and Serge Benhayon. Harmonies by Jenny & Chris James. All music played and arranged by Chris James. Recorded and engineered by Chris James at Innermost Sound Studios. Mixed and mastered by Benjamin Hurt, True Music Studio. Cover by Desiree Delaloye at Design-Arts. Photography by Clayton Lloyd, Flawless Imaging. With deepest thanks to Serge Benhayon.

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1. Silk in the Clouds
2. Softly the Wind Gathers
3. Softly the Wind Gathers
4. Everest’s Breath
5. Mother Earth’s Reply

6. The Great Red River
7. This is the Sound
8. The Angel in Venice
9. Silk in the Skies