Hermetic Seal

The way is here, it’s in my heart, Seen through eyes of truth
My body moves with heavens breath, connected to the All that is
Nothing you say, sways my Way
I know Love shines through
Hermetic Seal Eternal
undeniable, immovable and true
Light the way.

Songs and music written and sung by Jenny James
Music played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris James at Innermost Sound Studios, NSW, Australia
Cover Design – Jenny James
Cover Layout – Désirée Delaloye
Front cover photography – Alan Johnston
Portrait photography – Clayton Lloyd

© Sounds Wonderful Chris James and Jenny James 2022

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1. Imbued with Sacredness
2. Hermetic Seal
3. Purveyor of Light
4. Eternally Now
5. On A Night Like This

6. Light of Magnificence
7. Divine Fire
8. Deeply Held
9. Devotion
10. Enriched Surrender