Beholding Love

There is a way of living that enables us to know that we are deeply held, surrounded by, and enveloped in a very tangible presence that is space, love, and indeed God.

This is music about intimacy, about connection, unity, harmony, and of course, Beholding Love.

With this album, the music is an expression of a path lived. With humility and a deepening love, as always guided by The Way of The Livingness,a deepening into delicacy and sacredness holds this vehicle to be able to express in this way.

Music written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris James at Innermost Sound Studios, NSW, Australia
Cover Design by Jenny James
Cover Layout by Désirée Delaloye
Photography by Geraldine Burrell

© Sounds Wonderful, Chris James 2022

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1. Beholding Love
2. Union
3. Reverence
4. True Communion

5. Held
6. Intimacy and Beyond
7. Divine Breath