Corporate & Accredited Professional Development Courses

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Australian Defence Force Academy

Exploring your voice has practical uses in the 'field' or in any environment. The ADFA engaged Chris to present a Voice and Expression course at the Academy in Canberra. This course offers a practical example of how ‘know your voice, know yourself’ works within ANY organisation from upper management to general staff. Read more

Accredited Professional Development Course for GPs & Practice Staff
Approved by the RACGP QI&CPD Program - Activity No. 761 125

Clear communication, confident self-expression and a cohesive work environment are vital in the medical practice. This interactive course is designed to promote skills in communication, develop active listening awareness and expression, and self-care awareness. Read more

A Corporate Course for Today's Workplace

A corporate course suitable for managers and staff, executives and business owners. This course is designed to promote communication, interpersonal skills, cohesive teamwork, self-care and confident self-expression. Read more