Imagine a conference
where everyone is enlivened, rejuvenated,
unified & harmonised ...
and having fun in under 20 minutes?
Presenter, performer, singer, and voice teacher, Chris James has worked with conferences and groups ranging from 20 to 20,000 people. Chris presents with ease, humour and intelligence an interactive sound experience addressing self expression and empowerment through the speaking and singing voice.

Born in Australia, Chris teaches internationally about the healing power of sound. Through discovering our natural voice, we learn that we can experience and trust our own creativity and intuition. This frees us to be able to both perceive and express clearly.

“Everyone is born with a beautiful voice” Chris says.
“Everyone is born with the ability to express clearly, and confidently with an empowered voice.

Chris is renowned for his ability to unite audiences of thousands and has presented his work at conferences and festivals the world over. Sound holds no social, economic or language barriers. The way we express as human beings effects all that we do in life. In his extraordinary life Chris has been a musician, renunciate, bodyguard, transpersonal therapist, voice teacher and father.

Chris is invited to MC, perform and present as a key note speaker at many of the Worlds major conferences and festivals in Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, India, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA.

His seminars and workshops range from short, vital ‘tune ups’ at conferences through to weekends and 7 day Power of Sound Trainings.

Chris is available to open your conference, for plenary sessions, as a keynote speaker or to re-energise your event with short, vital ‘tune ups.’

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