About Chris

'Everyone is born with a beautiful voice.'
Chris James' music and teaching offers a way for all walks of life to experience a freedom and deep inner connection to their own voice through the power of sound. His own voice is acclaimed for its clarity and depth of quality. Born in Australia, Chris teaches internationally about the discovering our natural voice, we learn that we can experience and trust our creativity and intuition. This frees us to be able to perceive and express clearly.

So what is our ‘natural voice’?

Our natural voice is the voice that we are born with that is: naturally in tune, free flowing, clear of any emotional restrictions and able to express.

'The simple truths of life never change.'
In other words a fully functional instrument with which we can express who we truly are whether in song or spoken word. "Everyone is born with a beautiful voice," he says.

In his extraordinary life Chris has been a musician, renunciate, bodyguard, transpersonal therapist and father. He has presented internationally for over 20 years and is renowned for his ability to unite audiences of thousands.

Chris has studied with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the past 10 years practising and implementing into his work and life 'The Way of the Livingness'.

Founder of The International School of Sacred Sound and Patron of The UK College of Sound Healing, Chris is invited to MC, perform and present as a keynote speaker at many of the Worlds major conferences and festivals in Australia, India, Scandinavia, UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand and South Africa. His seminars and workshops range from short, vital 'tune ups' at conferences through to weekends and 5 day Healing Power of Sound Trainings.

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The Big Sing Live in Byron Bay
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