"The new album Moments is a beautiful instrumental album that is the perfect gentle welcome for my physiotherapy clients. Patients love it, and often comment on the music. I just let it play gently over and over in the background. The music has a restful, reassuring feel. It is warm, loving and embracing, with beautiful vocal harmonies and an expanding feel that reflects back an inner-strength from within yourself."

Shirley-Ann Walters
Lightwater Physiotherapy, England

In February 2009 Founders, Andrew Allen & Stephen Anderson, opened a small home & gift store in Brighton, England. Despite no previous retail experience and the worst recession in living memory the new store, Papillon, thrived and quickly expanded into the next door space offering a greater selection of home & interior items.

"Key to our success" …writes Stephen, "is offering our customers a harmonious environment, one where customers feel welcomed, where nothing is imposed and service is just that, real service. Chris James's wonderful instrumental music has been greeting everyone visiting our stores since we first opened. Imagine playing the same track of music 24/7! This is only possible due to the unique way the music has been created as our customers can feel the gentleness with every note played. Everyone remarks what a special 'energy' the stores possess and how comfortable they feel in the store, often commenting they don't want to leave. Many customers request information of the music played and we know this in turn has led to Chris's music being played in numerous locations."

"For us, playing Chris's music in-store makes the store feel complete and provides a sense of well being for our customers and those of us fortunate enough to work at Papillon."

Stephen Anderson
Co-Founder, Papillon Retail Ltd, UK

"Great CD to play in treatment rooms and waiting area – everybody loves it"

Steffen Messerschmidt ND
Total Health Natural Medicine Clinic