Chris James presents at the

Australian Defence Force Academy

The ADFA engaged Chris to present a Voice and Expression course at the Academy in Canberra. This course offers a practical example of how to ‘know your voice, know yourself’ works within ANY organisation from upper management to general staff.

In any level of management or staff, being able to identify and release stress, to be able to be truly work together, to express oneself confidently in the work environment, and to be able to develop the inner strength to not just survive but to bring out the best of who you truly are in that work environment, is of inestimable value to any Company, Force or Organisation.

In most if not all corporate environments, (defence and service industries included) the absolute priority is to achieve a great end result in that particular industry. Here we see how helping Officers, Managers or Staff to know themselves through exploring their voice, has practical uses 'in the field‘ or, in any corporate or business environment.

Comments of the ADFA officer cadets

"It was a truly inspirational session and taught me things about my voice and self that would be difficult to replicate in any other situation. Also brought everyone outside their comfort zone in a way that was supportive and uplifting. This course should be continued."

"I got a lot of personal benefit from the session. Lots of practical benefit - drill, commanding soldiers confidently, reading peoples reactions, stress relief and learning about oneself."

"Building everyone up - always positive."

"The lesson was very calming and relaxing and taught me a lot about myself. I would definitely continue this kind of workshop to current and future cadets who were interested."

"It was awesome. The student involvement was the best part. It made us open our mind to a new experience. Techniques learned can be applied to every day life. - Drill commands, relaxation/ focus."

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