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A warm welcome infuses this music and wonderfully supports clients, new and old. ‘Welcome’ is a superb addition for your office, your home, or the waiting room in your practice.

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Slowing Down

Piano and clarinet interweave and offer a foundation of balance inviting support for the nervous system to slow down. This music can assist clients to bring themselves back to balance.

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With clarity and delicacy, combining the sounds of woodwind, guitar and strings, this music can support your client to trust, surrender and just let go. For the client who is already familiar with sessions, it just says… simply let go.

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Deep Calm

Within the pace of today’s hectic lifestyle this music can support the client to create the space, to allow and experience deep calm. Gentle guitar weaves between strings and the beautiful tones of the duduk, assisting the client who presents with a feeling of overwhelm.

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Presenting the exquisite quality of serenity this music can be played to assist clients in recovery or mild trauma. The guitars and strings played offer a serenity that allows you to just be.

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Beautiful tones of the harp, strings and the ancient duduk create a harmonious flow of sound that offers support and confirmation for your client in recovery.